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About Union County, Iowa

Union County is a south county in Iowa.  The county was formed just before the civil war and is named as a reminder to preserve the union. The county seat is located at Creston. It is sparsely populated, with a 12,138 population in the 2020 census. The earliest permanent settlement was at Mt. Pisgah, made by Mormons traveling east. Pisgah was used to establish the farming base along the Grand and Platte rivers that drain through the county. Most of the early markets for agricultural goods were the emigrants traveling to California for the gold rush. Accordingly, the county remains an agricultural county, with industry also taking a significant part of the employment patterns of the county.
The people are hardworking and live in close-knit farm communities. Union County is a rich cultural and tourism county with over 800 acres of publicly owned parks, woodlands, prairie, lakes, and wetlands. Some of the most popular activities are the annual fair of the Bluegrass place in union county. The fair lets people display agricultural produce from Union County and other surrounding counties. Some of the products displayed include wood, coal, sandstone, and marble. Union County is connected to the rest of the state and county by a road network that includes U.S. Highway 34, U.S. Highway 169, and Iowa Highway 25.

Union County, Iowa Assessor

Iowa county has the office of the County Assessor to help value the property in the county. The current county assessor is Mindy Schaefer. It is not the assessor's responsibility to assess the tax on your property. The assessment is carried out after every five years. You can determine the value of the property assessed by getting the value of the land and any structure on it. The assessor values new property and may need to reassess it after it is sold or at least after five years to factor in depreciation. There are two main ways to assess the property's value: by assessing the value of similar properties in the area or using the cost of building the property less the related depreciation or aging.

Union County Sheriff's Office, Iowa

Union County has a sheriff who helps maintain law and order in the county. The sheriff is elected on a four-year term. Qualifications for one to be a sheriff are one must be at least 21 years old at the time of assuming office, never have a felony conviction and have experience as a peacekeeper recognized by Iowa Law enforcement Academy or taking courses with the academy in the first year as sheriff.
Once the sheriff is elected, they have to take an oath in accordance with Iowa. In the last sheriff election, the race was won by the Republican Mark shepherd. He is a resident of the county, having studied at Creston high school and served in the military. The sheriff is expected to serve out writs and other legal documents issued to the sheriff, by a legal authority, works with the bailiff and other county officials, maintain the jail, seize property to execute a court order, and other activities. Union County has a rich history of sheriffs working very hard, with the first three sheriffs dying in the line of duty. The current county sheriff works with the help of the deputy sheriff and deputies working in law enforcement and the correction department.

Union County Jail, Iowa

Union county jail is the main jail facility in Union County. It is a medium security jail located at 302 North Pine Street, Creston, Iowa. It was built in 1982 and consists of three sections. Due to the small county population, it's no surprise that the jail only can hold 11 detainees. In total, it has 3 single cells and 3 four-person cells. It houses male and female prisoners arrested in the county and its environs. Jail meals are prepared at Crest Haven Care Centre in Creston and delivered to the jail.
The jail has a host of reintegration programs and other activities geared towards developing the capacity of the inmates and reducing repeat offenders. The average monthly jail booking at Union county jail is 324. inmates in the jail are allowed to communicate with their loved ones via calls and mail. The inmates are not allowed to receive any incoming calls but can make collect calls to the loved one daily. They can also pay for the calls through commissary funds. Mails sent to the jail are inspected for appropriateness. Packages, obscene or pornographic material, personal checks, stamped envelopes, food, or periodicals not sent from the publisher will not be allowed in jail. All mail to the jail should have both the sender's and inmate's address and be addressed as follows:
Inmate’s Name
Union County Jail
302 N. Pine St.
Creston, IA 50801.

All inmates are allowed a 45-minute onsite video visit weekly. The visit may be discontinued if any of the visitation rules are broken. visitors are surged to schedule the visit in advance. The visits take place between 8:15 am to 4 pm, Tuesday through Sunday. All the visitors must carry proper identification documents for a visit. A guardian must accompany kids for a visit.